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Sore Throat and Cold Drinks: The Connection 

During the scorching summer months, we all crave the cool relief of chilled drinks. From iced water to refreshing juices, we indulge in litres of cold beverages. But does this indulgence come at a cost? Do cold drinks actually cause sore throats in summer? 

Sore Throat and Cold Drinks: The Connection 


Understanding the Impact of Cold Drinks on Sore Throats 

The answer isn't a simple yes or no. Cold drinks themselves don't directly lead to a sore throat. However, if your throat is already dealing with an infection, even if you're not showing symptoms, consuming cold drinks can make matters worse. This occurs due to vasoconstriction, where the blood vessels narrow or constrict due to the cold temperature. This reduction in blood flow to the throat will reduce immunity against microbes and thus can provide a breeding ground for infections to flourish. 


Tips for Enjoying Cold Drinks Without Irritating Your Throat 

To avoid this, ensure your drinks are not too cold. A good rule of thumb is to be able to comfortably hold the cold drink for a minute if it's in a heat-conducting vessel. The drinks are not cold enough to trigger a sore throat at such temperatures. 


Conclusion: Moderation Is Key 

Remember, moderation is key. Enjoy your cold drinks sensibly, and you can beat the heat without harming your throat! 

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