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Information & Data are priceless assets in modern times, and medical information can be lifesaving. We at Medyblog are determined to provide you with real-time information from doctors directly. We want to fill the vacuum between doctors and the public.



Sinusitis is one of the most misunderstood diseases. Many patients treat sinusitis with negligence, resulting in avoidable surgeries or intricacies.

On the other hand, we have rare fungal sinusitis, like invasive & fulminant fungal sinusitis. Fulminant is the most horrifying and consumes life within weeks if not treated. Mucormycosis comes under the fulminant classification.


Did you know that ear is one of the most complicated structures in our heads? It not only helps us hear sounds but also maintains balance. A person who loses hearing will also lose clarity in speech eventually.

Middle ear infections are among the common diseases in our bodies. The common cold is the cause of it in 90% of the cases.



A tiny virus that created mayhem in the world and has turned the world upside down. Simple home remedies on how to fight the virus.
Not so simple complications it brought in, like mucormycosis and neuritis.

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