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Ear Wax Removal


The ear is one of the complicated parts of our head. Ear not only helps us to hear sound but also maintains balance. Hearing sounds will enable us to talk.


If we lose the hearing capability for a long time, we gradually lose our speech clarity as we cannot listen to what we are saying and don't get feedback. So, it is important to treat ear infections and other conditions that could lead to hearing loss. It is not only essential to know what the symptoms are but also to understand the behavior of the symptoms.


Causes of Ear Infection

What are the causes of an ear infection?

A most common type of ear infection is the middle ear infection, mostly secondary infections caused due to common cold.

A middle ear infection is one of the most common infections in our body.

The other common ear infections are Otitis externa and Otomycosis.

Knowing the causes in detail can help us prevent the infection.

ear infection causes

Middle Ear Infection


Otitis Media

One of the most occurring infections of the human body

Middle ear infections are secondary infections i.e., they occur due to another infection.

90% of the middle ear infections occur due to common cold.

Middle ear infections can also occur due to chronic sinusitis or an outer or inner ear infection can spread to middle ear.

Middle ear infection - Otitis Media

Ear infections in babies

Feeding habits that cause ear infection

Middle ear infections are pretty common in babies, significantly below six months.

A baby's head is designed so that it is easy for the milk to flow from the mouth to the middle ear through the nasopharynx while they are sleeping.

Feeding habits tend to contribute to ear infections in babies. Small steps taken while feeding a baby can drastically reduce the risk of middle ear infections in babies.

ear infection in babies

Ear infection symptoms

How to identify Ear infection?

Ear infection can occur in the outer, middle, or inner ear. 

Learning what symptom applies to which part of the ear can direct us to dos and don'ts.

ear infection symptoms


Outer ear fungal infection

Otomycosis is a fungal ear infection that occurs in outer ear canal.

Its main characteristic is itchy ears.

It occurs mostly due to the use of ear buds to clean wet ear canal after shower.

It occurs more frequently in humid climates.


General home remedies are responsible for worsening this ear infection.

fungal ear infection in outer ear canal - otomycosis - fungal otitis externa

Cochlear implants and surgery

Only device in this world that can replace one of the five senses

Although a Cochlear implant doesn't save lives, it changes lives and almost gives a different life to the deaf, specifically to deaf-born babies.

When surgery is done at the right time and given proper speech therapy, it enables the deaf to hear and speak.

This surgery requires huge capital but is funded or subsidized by various governments worldwide.

This surgery is a bit controversial among the deaf community ideologically but not technically.

cochlear implants and cochlear implant surgery

More Information

We have a lot more to share about Ear.

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