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The Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) is a small virus that has changed the fate of many people and businesses around the world.

A virus that attacked not only our lungs but also our immune and nervous system.


Home treatment

How to treat COVID-19 at home and avoid hospitalization?

Even with the deadly Delta variant, it was possible to avoid hospitalization.  Although to achieve this with 100% results, you will need to stay in touch with a doctor.


Here are the tips and tricks to help you avoid hospitalization or, let us say, control the disease.


We have seven tips that can help you control the disease and keep you safe and your loved ones.

covid-19 home treatment

Mucormycosis / Black fungus

Post COVID-19 Mucormycosis

Covid-19 has affected not only the respiratory tract but also other parts. One of them includes our immune system.

The deterioration of one's immunity can make one vulnerable to fungi which our body can fight easily in standard scenarios.

Mucor is a black-colored fungus in the air and lives on rotten fruits and vegetables, and we breathe in this fungus regularly.

In COVID-19, immunity for a few patients has deteriorated to such a massive extent that this fungus started assailing them, causing a rare disease called mucormycosis, commonly known as a black fungus.

mucormycosis or black fungus eye infected opened-2.webp

Types of Masks

Which mask is best for you?

Masks are crucial to handle COVID-19, especially with evidence that COVID-19 is an airborne disease and doesn't transfer much by touch.

Even if it doesn't prevent the disease, it will decrease the viral load and make it easy to handle.

There are mainly four types of masks

  1. cloth mask

  2. surgical mask

  3. N95

  4. P100 mask ***


Learning about masks will enable you to choose your mask wisely.

types of COVID-19 masks

COVID-19 vaccine side effects

Sudden loss of vision or hearing

Neuritis is a nerve inflammation that few mild viral infections could initiate. COVID-19 is the new entrant into the list of viral infections that could induce neuritis.

The most familiar type of neuritis seen in COVID-19 is olfactory neuritis which leads to sudden loss of smell or taste. Olfactory neuritis is not something that needs treatment and can be left untreated. But, the other rare type of neuritis is auditory and optic neuritis, which suddenly affects hearing and eye vision. These two types need steroid treatment.

These diseases were getting reinitiated in the covishield, or AstraZeneca shot takers. They required second-time steroid treatment.

covid-19 vaccine side effects

More Information

We have a lot more to share about COVID-19 and related diseases.

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