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Do Cold Drinks or Ice Creams Really Cause Sore Throat?

The belief that cold drinks or ice creams cause sore throats is a common misconception. In reality, they act as triggers rather than direct causes. Let's delve into how this works and safely consume your favourite ice cream and beverages.


Do Cold Drinks or Ice Creams Really Cause Sore Throat

Why Cold Drinks or Ice Creams Are Not Responsible for Sore Throats

Consuming cool beverages or ice creams doesn't directly lead to a sore throat. Instead, they can exacerbate an existing throat infection by reducing blood supply to the throat lining through vasoconstriction.


How Cool Beverages or Ice Creams Trigger Sore Throats

When a person already has a throat infection, the coolness of these items can cause vasoconstriction. This restricts blood flow, weakening the body's defense mechanisms and worsening the infection. This phenomenon creates the illusion that the cold drink or ice cream is the cause of the sore throat.


How to Safely Enjoy Cool Drinks and Ice Creams

Fortunately, you can still indulge in cool beverages and ice cream if you have a mild sore throat. Ensure the drink is at a comfortable temperature to prevent vasoconstriction. Room-temperature cool drinks pose no risk of worsening a sore throat.


Tips for Consuming Cold Beverages

Ensure the drink is at a comfortable temperature, allowing you to hold it for at least a minute without discomfort. Contrary to popular belief, the drink can be cold; it does not need to be warm or at room temperature. This precaution helps prevent any potential adverse effects on existing infections.


Tips for Eating Ice Cream

Choose semi-solid ice cream or wait for fully solid ice cream to melt slightly before eating. Take small bites or use a half-spoon to prevent prolonged exposure to the cold, which could trigger vasoconstriction. Enjoy your ice cream slowly; there's no need to rush.


Understanding how cold drinks and ice creams interact with throat infections allows you to enjoy them without fear of worsening your condition. To avoid discomfort, remember to consume them in moderation and at the right temperature.

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