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Is mucormycosis completely curable?

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

is mucormycosis/black fungus completely curable

Black fungus or mucormycosis is curable only when identified in the early stages and if treated by an experienced doctor. Mucormycosis is a fulminant fungal sinus infection where the fungus spreads rapidly through the blood vessels.

The quicker the treatment is started, the faster the recovery, lesser the number of antifungal doses and debridement surgeries.

Is black fungus curable in the early stage?

Black fungus in the early stage is curable with a survival rate of 90%.

So, if we started the treatment in the early stages, the chance of completely recovering and survival would be higher in the hands of an experienced doctor.

So, the treatment must begin on suspicion even without the test results because waiting for the results can change the person's fate due to the rapidly growing fungus.

The treatment must involve a series of debridements and powerful antifungals.

Read our mucormycosis treatment article for more details.

Is mucormycosis curable in late stages

The progress from early to late stages will dangerously take just a few weeks. That is how scary black fungus or fulminant fungal infections are.

When the black fungus is diagnosed in the late stages, it is not curable.

At this stage, most likely, the fungus will spread to multiple organs in the face, including the brain, and the survival rate will reduce to less than 5%. Most doctors don't see any point in treating the patient at this stage.

The patient's recovery would be considered a miracle in the medical field.

As per Dr. K. R. Meghanadh, treatment at this stage would involve the removal of multiple facial organs, which would create unnecessary pain, a heart-breaking image for loved ones, and financial loss for the person. It is not worth taking the risk as the survival and recovery chances are low.

This is Dr. K. R. Meghanadh's opinion, but the idea could vary from doctor to doctor.

So, we need to be aware of the black fungus symptoms and consult an ENT doctor as early as possible to keep the survival rate high.

Recurrence of mucormycosis

Recurrence of the black fungus will depend on the patient's immunity and luck, the doctor's skills and experience, and whether it is treated fully or partially.

Sometimes, if the treatment is not appropriately tailored to the patient's needs, a patient could recover partially. On gradual reduction of antifungals or on stopping the usage, the symptoms can reoccur.

Can we treat recurrent black fungus?

Well, treating recurrent cases is usually more challenging than first-time cases as the patient has already undergone powerful surgeries and antifungal treatments. So, the patient will be a bit more sensitive than the first time.

This recurrent black fungus curability will depend on the patient's immunity, the doctor's experience, and the severity of the fungus.

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Can mucormycosis be cured?

Yes, mucormycosis can be cured if detected and treated in its early stages.

But, if the infection is diagnosed in its later stages, it becomes difficult to treat. Because at this stage, the fungus can spread to various facial organs, including the brain, reducing the survival rate to less than 5%. So, it is crucial to begin treatment as soon as suspicion arises to increase the chances of survival.

What is the survival rate of black fungus?

The survival rate for black fungus depends upon the stage at which treatment is started. If treatment is initiated in the early stages, the survival rate is 90%. But, if treatment is delayed until the later stages, the survival rate drops to less than 5%. So, starting treatment early increases the likelihood of recovery and survival rate.

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