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How much do cochlear implants and surgery cost in India?

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Dr. K. R. Meghanadh

One cochlear implant unit ranges from 5,30,000INR to 14,00,000INR (approximately 6,700USD to 18,000USD) in India. This cost includes the entire external and internal unit with standard accessories.

The cochlear implant surgery's surgical charges (excluding implant), could cost 1,00,000INR to 3,00,000INR (approximately 1300USD to 3800USD). This could include room rent, medicines and professional charges.

How much do cochlear implants cost in India?

Surgery should be followed with two-year-long auditory verbal therapy that could cost 1,00,000INR to 2,00,000INR (approximately 1250USD to 2500USD). This follow-up is not optional.

Any ENT surgeon would suggest a simultaneous bilateral cochlear implant. The second surgery expense could decrease by 10 to 15% as you get both ear surgeries done simultaneously.

So, if we go for all the basic equipment, the unilateral cochlear implant surgery, i.e., surgery for one ear only, can cost 8,00,000INR (approximately 10,000USD) along with the therapy.

The basic simultaneous bilateral cochlear implant surgery and therapy could cost 14,50,000INR(around 18,200USD).

But, if a person can afford Dr K. R. Meghanadh will suggest the best possible simultaneous bilateral cochlear implant that could cost a whooping 35,00,000INR(approximately 44,000USD). Advanced cochlear implants are MRI-safe up to three-tesla magnets without affecting the cochlear implants and these implants are ideal for a lifetime.

Cochlear implant surgery approximate cost in India as on September 2022

But, if the person is financially unstable, Dr K. R. Meghanadh suggests a bilateral sequential cochlear implant. Where initially, they undergo one side cochlear implant surgery followed by another implant in the future when they have money in hand. Remember, the patient will have to undergo therapy twice, although the second one might not be as tough as the first one. So, the total expense will be higher, but as the timing is crucial for cochlear implants, this should be a wise decision when there is a budget constraint.

Additionally, as mentioned in "How often do cochlear implants need to be replaced?" the internal components generally work for a lifetime. So, a patient might not require revision surgery in a lifetime. But, the outer part, i.e., the processor, has only three years warranty and can cost 3,00,000INR to 7,00,000INR (approximately 3800USD to 8800USD).

What if a patient can afford the advanced cochlear implant for one ear or a basic one for two ears at a time?

Both surgeries cost approximately the same. Then Dr K. R. Meghanadh would strictly suggest bilateral simultaneous cochlear implants with basic implants for two ears. Even if the patient insists they can bear extra expenses for advanced cochlear implants after a few years or months, the doctor will suggest a basic simultaneous cochlear implant ASAP rather than waiting for additional money and time.

With one basic or advanced implant, the performance can reach around 80% of the ideal performance of that individual. But, even with basic bilateral simultaneous implants, the performance can get about 100% of the perfect performance of that individual.

Advanced cochlear implants have better sound processing speed. The melody and clarity of the sound received are also a shade higher. They give you additional features like MRI compatibility and waterproof features.

ADIP Scheme by the Government of India for Cochlear Implants

Under this scheme, eligible candidates can get the surgery done along with the basic cochlear implants, medicines, surgical costs, and therapy for free. Terms and Conditions will apply as per the ADIP scheme. We don't want to include these details as they are subject to changes by the Government of India.

Please refer to for more details.

Dr. K. R. Meghanadh

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