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Cost of Sinus Surgery in Hyderabad: What to Expect

Updated: Jan 31

cost of sinus surgery price in hyderabad

Sinus Surgery Overview

Sinus surgery is a medical procedure designed to remove fluids from the sinuses and establish clear pathways to prevent future blockages. The extent of the surgery depends on the surgeon's expertise and available equipment, which can vary in quality and cost.

Factors Affecting Sinus Surgery Costs

The costs of sinus surgery can fluctuate based on various factors, such as the specific procedure and equipment. High-quality equipment can enhance surgical precision, reduce operation duration, and minimize the risk of complications. Therefore, it's essential to understand the various factors influencing the cost of sinus surgery. The prices provided in this article include all necessary expenses such as bed charges, surgeon fees, nursing fees, operation theater charges, medication costs, anesthesia fees, and consumables.

Cost of FESS (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery)

FESS is a commonly performed sinus surgery, opening 4 to 5 sinuses out of approximately 40. The complete cost of FESS, including a general ward stay, is about 70,000 INR (around 850 USD), with no hidden charges. To make an informed decision and avoid unexpected expenses, it's crucial to inquire about additional fees when comparing surgery costs between different providers.

TFSE (Total Fronto Spheno Ethmoidectomy) Surgery Cost

TFSE surgery, which opens all sinuses, has a success rate of 80 to 90 percent but takes 2 to 4 hours. The cost of TFSE surgery can start from 2,00,000 INR (around 2,400 USD) for a general ward stay, with costs increasing as the procedure duration extends. The specific equipment and version used in the surgery significantly affect the price.

Debrider Cost in Sinus Surgery

Utilizing debriders during sinus surgery can increase the cost to 40,000 to 50,000 INR (approximately 500 USD to 625 USD) due to the expenses associated with debrider blades. The price depends on the number and type of blades used, with straight blades costing around 8,500 INR (about 100 USD) and angled blades ranging between 13,000 and 14,000 INR (155 to 175 USD). Blades come in various versions; higher versions of debriders come with increased precision and safety mechanisms, leading to higher costs.

Price of Image Guided in Sinus Surgery

Image-guided Sinus Surgery utilizes advanced navigation systems to enhance precision and safety during the procedure. These systems can significantly contribute to the overall cost of sinus surgery, with the equipment ranging from 45 to 65 lakhs INR (55K to 80K USD) in Hyderabad. So opting for image-guided sinus surgery adds around 50,000 INR to the overall cost, including a consumable component worth 30,000 INR.

Cost of Endoscopic Balloon Sinuplasty (EBS)

Endoscopic Balloon Sinuplasty (ESB) can be used as a standalone procedure for frontal sinuses. But to enhance the success rate of sinus surgery, we can combine it with other techniques like debriders and a navigation system during operations like TFSE or FESS. Its cost in Hyderabad is approximately 70,000 INR (around 850 USD), which can significantly improve the success rate of sinus surgeries when combined with debriders and a navigation system.

Sinus Surgery with Advanced Technology

Combining techniques and advanced technology is recommended for patients seeking the best results in sinus surgery. A TFSE procedure in a general ward costs approximately 2,00,000 INR, and the use of debriders, navigation systems, and Endoscopic Balloon Sinuplasty can add up to an additional 1,70,000 INR (2,050 USD), resulting in a total cost of around 3,70,000 INR (approximately 4,500 USD). This cost reflects the state-of-the-art equipment and expertise needed for successful sinus surgery.


The choice of general or local anesthesia can impact the cost. General anesthesia is commonly used, but some physicians may opt for local anesthesia, which can reduce medication costs and eliminate anesthetist charges.

Additional Factors Affecting Costs

Several other factors can impact the overall cost of sinus surgery. These include the cost of infrastructure, surgeon fees, and the expertise and experience of medical staff. The location of the hospital, such as Tier 1 or Tier 2 cities, can also affect prices. Safety measures, including backup power systems and equipment maintenance, can contribute to expenses. The type of accommodation you choose during your hospital stay can influence the overall cost, typically increasing by about 15% with each upgrade.

The cost of sinus surgery in Hyderabad varies based on the type of procedure, equipment used, and additional factors. It's crucial to inquire about all potential charges associated with sinus surgery and carefully consider the benefits of advanced techniques and equipment to make an informed decision based on your needs.

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