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Cost of Cochlear Implants Surgery in South India and Available Options

Cochlear implants are a remarkable technological advancement that allows hearing-impaired individuals to regain their hearing abilities. In South India, the cost of cochlear implants varies depending on the type and level of surgery, therapy, and additional features. In this article, we will explore the different costs associated with cochlear implants and the available options for patients.

Cost of Cochlear Implants in South India and Available Options

Cost Breakdown

The total cost of a cochlear implant in South India comprises several components, including the implant itself, surgical charges, and speech therapy expenses.

A) Cochlear Implant Unit Cost in South India

A single cochlear implant unit costs from 5.3 lakhs to 14 lakhs INR (approximately 6,500 USD to 17,000 USD). This amount covers the external and internal units and standard accessories.

B) Surgical Charges in South India

Surgical charges for cochlear implant surgery (excluding the implant cost) can range from 1,00,000 INR to 3,00,000 INR (approximately 1215 USD to 3650 USD). These charges may include room rent, medicines, and professional fees.

C) Speech Therapy

Following the surgery, a two-year-long auditory verbal therapy is necessary, costing 1,00,000 INR to 2,00,000 INR (approximately 1215 USD to 2500 USD).

Total Procedure Cost

Many ENT surgeons recommend simultaneous bilateral cochlear implants, wherein the second surgery's expense may decrease by 10 to 15%. The total cost of unilateral surgery (one ear) could be around 8,00,000 INR (approximately 9,750 USD), along with therapy.

The total cost of basic simultaneous bilateral cochlear implant surgery and therapy in South India could be approximately 14.5 lakh rupees (around 17,700 USD). However, opting for advanced bilateral cochlear implants, which offer MRI safety and other additional features, could raise the cost to 32.5 lakh rupees (approximately 39,600 USD).

Cochlear implant surgery approximate cost in South India as on August 2023
Cochlear Implants Price List along with Surgery

Financial Options

Patients with budget constraints may consider a bilateral sequential cochlear implant. This involves undergoing one cochlear implant surgery first, followed by the second implant when finances permit. Though the total expense might be higher due to therapy for each surgery, this approach can be a practical choice for those facing budget limitations.

Performance Considerations

While advanced cochlear implants offer better sound processing speed, clarity, and additional features like MRI compatibility and waterproof capabilities, basic bilateral simultaneous implants can provide performance close to 100% of an individual's ideal hearing capacity.

ADIP Scheme by the Government of India

Eligible candidates can benefit from the ADIP (Assistance to Disabled Persons) scheme, which offers free surgery, basic cochlear implants, medicines, surgical costs, and therapy. To check eligibility and other details, individuals can visit the official website of the ADIP scheme at

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